A lot of people want us to end poverty. Our philosophers tell us that we have a moral imperative to do so. Our professors tell us that working with the poor is part of the curriculum. Our public figures tell us to make poverty history. And, our pop stars tell us that ending poverty is just a “Like” away. Ending poverty is popular. But, how do we end poverty?

Do we sponsor a child? Buy a pair of TOMS? Or, just give cash? 

Maybe. Not really. Hmmm, that sounds promising.

Here’s the thing, doing good isn’t easy. And, in some cases, doing good is not good. This uncertainty can leave us all feeling a bit paralyzed. So, is there any way to do good? Yes. But, it’s complex. So, we’re sharing resources on the myriad ways that we try to do good. We call them topics.

Now, this work is on-going, imperfect, and living. In other words, we’re constantly adding more topics and making edits to the list of resources for each topic. And, just a heads up, we’ve got to admit that most of the resource we have so far are on the “con” side of things. They make arguments against many of the ways that we try to do good. There just seems to be more “con” resources for each topic. That makes sense. Poverty is about power and politics. Two things outsiders have very little influence on. Moreover, for some topics, you will see a section at the bottom called “A Bit of Snark”. We include these resources because they’re the ones that teach us the most, most of the time. So, we’re not trying to make anyone feel bad. We’re just sharing the things what we consider to be the best educational tools.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have resources to share or want to help out. Thanks!